Cooking up Natural Skin Care

You are likely wondering what I have been cooking lately. Well in the last year or so I promise I have been cooking! When I got pregnant with my daughter life started getting very busy, very fast, and my blogging took a hit. I am looking forward to finding the time again to share what I eat and encourage others to live healthfully.

During my pregnancy I felt very strongly about taking the best care of my body, both inside and out. I started to develop my own skin care products so I could benefit from all natural ingredients without any unwanted chemicals. I started with what I like to call the Original Oil, a simple blend of coconut oil, jajoba oil, and vitamin E.  Perfect ingredients for healthy and glowing skin in perfect proportions.  Since then I discovered the magical benefit of sweet almond oil and developed my all time favorite product, Almond Original Oil.  This can be used anywhere and everywhere; absorbs deep into your skin to fight wrinkles, aging, and dryness.

I started sharing my products and ideas with friends and got wonderful encouragement to branch out and start selling. I recently took the plunge and opened an etsy shop where I have all of my favorite items available for sale. Check out my shop and enjoy softer, brighter, healthier skin!


Maddy Grace Skin Care on ETSY


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