Over the past few years I have developed a passion for cooking and entertaining.  I love trying new foods and challenging myself to cook outside the box.  I am fairly certain my friends and family are tired of seeing me just post every meal I make on instagram or facebook, so I have finally taken the hint and started a blog.  

I have no formal training in cooking, but I come from a family that celebrates good eating and drinking in the home.  Growing up, I loved helping my mother cook feasts for our family of seven using herbs, fruits, and vegetables that were growing in the garden (a garden that is about the size of our entire condo) with meat raised on my grandfather’s farm.  Adding to this base, I was then lucky enough to marry into a family with a strong passion for good food as well.  

I rarely follow a recipe; rather, I tend to incorporate several recipes loosely together or start from scratch with what I have available to make a dish my own.  I can’t say that I never follow a recipe, I find it to be the best way to learn about new flavors, preparations, and styles of cooking to evolve my skills as an at-home cook.  

My blog is intended to be a chronicle of my daily cooking adventures, entertaining ideas, and likely flops along the way.  I hope to inspire others to make more flavorful and adventurous foods at home too.  


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