Herb-Rubbed Pork

Making protein during the week is either a well thought out and planned process or a last minute speed-thawing session.  A go-to for me is Lawry’s seasoning salt or Famous Dave’s Rib Rub, but these have a big flavor and can overpower the rest of the meal easily.  Tonight, to go with the rich but soft truffle-oil brussel sprouts (see side dishes section) I wanted a softer flavor to match.  My mother-in-law got me a packet of Herbs de Provence earlier this year that smell amazing, the problem is that I don’t really know what to do with it.  I have used it on meat in the past and did not salt enough, so I thought I would give them another try tonight.

Once the pork pieces thawed out I seasoned them generously with salt, then lightly with pepper, and a medium sprinkle of garlic powder.  Then I put the herbs de Provence on and patted the pork down.

2013-08-29 19.59.16Pre-cooked, post-rub.

Grilling time is a tricky situation in our house.  My husband has slowly become the primary griller, however he needs close adult supervision.   In an effort to not under-cook the pork we left it on a minute or two too long.  It wasn’t totally dried out…but not juicy either.  We cooked it for 9 minutes on each side, probably would have been done around 7-8 minutes on each side.

2013-08-29 20.31.51The final meal was the herb-rubbed pork, truffle-oil brussel sprouts, and a chilled summer tomato and cucumber salad.

             2013-08-29 20.40.44               2013-08-29 20.36.49

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