Grilled Vegetables and Sausage

For dinner last night we kept it simple, grilled out a spicy vegetable mixture and Italian sausage.  In an effort to make it a full meal I put it on a bed of arugula and baby spinach.  In the past I would have tossed the vegetables with olive oil and some noodles to make a meal; however, I do my best to cut out grains and dairy in my diet, so I went with greens.

The vegetables were what I could find at the farmers market fresh this week, you can use anything you have available:



-snap peas

-red pepper

Tossed with a spray of olive oil, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes for some heat.

2013-08-30 19.59.12


In the picture you may also notice the can of Stiegl Radler, if you haven’t had this before, I highly recommend it (as long as you are over 21 of course).  It might be the most refreshing beer I’ve ever had, just sayin’.

The vegetables filled up the grill basket, so they took a good 30 minutes on the grill to cook through.   Time your sausages accordingly to finish at the same time, ours took about 20 minutes to cook through fully.

2013-08-30 20.47.18


Because the sausage has some grease to it and the vegetables were sprayed with olive oil before cooking, I didn’t feel it needed a dressing once I chopped everything up and mixed it together.  I did however add fresh mint and basil leaves to the salad for a little more flavor and some fresh Parmesan shavings since I have a block left over from the other nights brussel sprouts.  You can certainly add dressing if your heart desires, I would stick to something neutral in flavor or just some olive oil.

2013-08-30 20.47.42

Of course my husband doesn’t want a big salad for dinner, so he ate his sausage and vegetables together with the greens as a side salad.  The salad is simple: just cucumber, tomatoes, red onion tossed with olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and garlic to taste on a bed of arugula, baby spinach, and basil.


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